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05/10/00 Contest News

Contest deadline will be the 10/31/00. After this date all models will be available for voting. I will present a kind of voting system in time (hope I learn how to create some automated webpages before ;). The winners will be announced in the beginning of december. Prizes will go out the same time, so you´ll have an additional christmas surprise.
Check out the First prize for the "best ever build Lego Star Wars model". Other Prizes can be found at "The Contest".

04/13/00 Slave-One has opened !

This site has just opened up ! It is dedicated to all LEGO Star Wars models/fans/mocs of the web. It´s purpose is to serve as a gallery and give visitors an overview of all the models with links to their original webpages. To get you all to become members of this site, I have put up an unofficial contest, so please check out "The Contest" section for details and take part if you like.

I have added some pictures of my Millenium Falcon and my AAT, so you can see how the gallery will be looking.

For more information, suggestions, critics and most of all entries send me an email to doe@gmx.de

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