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Bespin Cloud Car
Brucey Wan

Bespin Cloud Car
Joel Kuester

Coruscant Air Taxi
Janno van Callinge

Jason Railton

Jawa Sandcrawler
Joel Kuester

Mara Jade's Shrike
Ville Tuominen

Mini-Mobquet Transport [POV Ray]
Chris Gordon

This is a smaller version of the ship used by Salla Zend. It is meant for light cargo, and is ideal for smugglers. This particular ship is modified with a heavy double-laser cannon turret, enhanced shields, and multiple sensor banks. There are four cargo bays, two with double doors, and two for removable cargo pods. The front cockpit area is suitable for a pilot and co-pilot/gunner, and the roof/viewport hinges upward allowing ingress/egress.

Mini-Mobquet Transport
Chris Gordon

Sith Infiltrator
Brucey Wan

Sith Infiltrator
Thaddeus Jantzi

Brucey Wan

Sorosuub V-35 Courier
Janno van Callinge

The Sorosuub V-35 Courier (better known as the lars family landspeeder). This one is modelled after the one that can be seen when Luke and Obi-wan are in Mos Eisley (right before the cantina in the original release).

Swoop Bike
Janno Van Callinge

This Swoop-bike is a very quick made model on a sunday afternoon. It's my first model that I made without using real life bricks first so it's completely made on the PC. I modelled it after the Air2 Swoop as mentioned in the Star Wars Essential Guides To Vehicles and Vessels. The models' .dat file is available on request by dropping an email at Janno666@hotmail.com