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this side is done by dö - for contact send an email to doe@gmx.de

Official Disclaimer

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How to enter

Welcome to the unofficial LEGO-Star Wars Design Contest II at the Star Wars Lego Vessels Exibtion One. This is also an unofficial follow up contest to Patrick Justison´s Design Contest at home.austin.rr.com/prj/contest.html The contest is free to enter for everyone. Any self created Star Wars model can take part. You can enter with as many models as you like. Please send me pictures of your model via email: doe@gmx.de or point me to their location on your website. You can also send in DAT-files for ldraw or pov-ray images. If you are not able to scan your pictures or don´t have a digicam you can send me your photos via snailmail and I´ll be happy to put them up for you.

Your model will be featured with your name, a link to your homepage, so people can have a look at it´s origin, your email address for further information (optional) and a short model description (optional).

First Name, Name
email address
website url (if available)
pictures/url/dat-files of your model
model description (optional)

The categories

The winning categories will differ from the categories you can see to the left. Following categories will receive the winning prizes:
Best Ever Build Model
Best Pov Ray / Ldraw Model
Best Never Build Before Vessel
Best Star Wars Scene
Best set modification of the upcomming TLG Millenium Falcon
Best LEGO Star Wars Webpage
Best Alternative Model of a Star Wars Set
Best Model under 100 Pieces
The prizes

And of course the prizes... To get a good motivation for you all to enter the contest, I try to get some special LEGO prizes. So far I have some promotional, rare and fun prizes. As the prizes should be something special for LEGO fans, this section will grow until I found enough for every category. I am also looking for something special for the winner of the Best Ever Build Model but as a student my possibilities are limited. So please keep in mind that fun in building is the primary goal of this contest :) But have a look what prizes I have to offer...

Limited edition ufo action pack including shaped audio cd ! Lunchbox ! Bubble Bath or Shower Gel Adventure sets 5905 and 5906 4 small Shell promo sets another Shell promo set

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